Transmission freezes on new connections

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Transmission freezes on new connections

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I'm running Transmission 2.33 on ubuntu 11.04 and UI is freezing for 2-5 seconds, very often. Traffic monitor shows, that downloading stops at this moments too. Seems like it happens when transmission opens new connections. There where no high cpu usage or disk usage during this freezes
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Re: Transmission freezes on new connections

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I'm having a very similar issue, maybe the same. The transmission GUI freezes and greys out when downloading after a while. Not sure it's related to new connections or not. Killing it creates a 100% CPU consuming zombie process. Some files seem to dl ok, mostly smaller ones.

Deluge is downloading fine, and transmission I was using in maverick was working too. Both the current 2.33 from ppa and the 2.13 version in the natty repos do it. I am using an openvpn network as well...

Is this a known issue with a fix/workaround?


P.S. I made sure I was not saving to an encrypted folder in case that made a difference when creating the container for larger files.
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