Unwanted files still download after being unselected

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Rogerio Pereira
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Unwanted files still download after being unselected

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I'm using Linux Mint 18 "Sarah" x64, both the Cinnamon and Xfce versions. Transmission is at version 2.84. Since the beginning of using Transmission, back in 2013, this bug has been present: some torrents come in folders and inside those folders are items (files) that I don't want to download (some are just garbage and some others are parts of the torrent that I simply don't want or need). Transmission, in spite of me unselecting carefully what I don't want to be downloaded, still downloads these files, thus forcing me to delete them by hand. But the big problem is not that. If I delete these unwanted files, then after logging out or rebooting, Transmission will give a Data Missing error and so I cannot seed that torrent anymore. Downloading unwanted files occupies disk space, bandwidth and diminishes my seed ratio because it adds to my Download total, forcing me to keep garbage or other unwanted files in my computer to compensate for this issue. I could post this as a Feature Request but wouldn't that be an irony? This is obviously a bug, a long time, unaddressed bug, of Transmission. I will add your PPA to Linux Mint 18 to get the latest version for this desktop PC but I already use version 2.92 on my laptop netbook and it has the same bug. I could change to qBitorrent, which doesn't have this bug and does not download unwanted files but I prefer Transmission. It's a love for simplicity and efficiency thing. Just like Linux, KISS. I know there are only 2 devs, you must be super-occupied! Still I hope that one of these days you'll find the time to address this bug and solve it. Many thanks for your attention and for Transmission. My best regards,

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Re: Unwanted files still download after being unselected

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https://github.com/transmission/transmi ... -locations
preallocation: Number (0 = Off, 1 = Fast, 2 = Full (slower but reduces disk fragmentation), default = 1)
You could try '0', but read the following first.

This shouldn't be a problem on Linux due to sparsefiles being the norm. What size are the 'unwanted' files? Note that all clients need these files due to overlapping end pieces and the verification requirement. Others clients may hide them in their support files though.
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