finished torrent files NOT moving to...

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finished torrent files NOT moving to...

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Hello gang

been fighting with this > 4 hours... need a helping hand or hint...

Transmission 2.84 on Ubuntu 16.04 (fully updated)

Transmission runs fine, downloads torrents, BUT wont move the completed finished files. They stay in "Downloads"

in Transmission > Edit > Preferences > Downloading TAB i have:
Save to location: "1 TORRENTS" - a folder on - another system 2TB SATA drive - NTFS formatted" -- it appears in Ubuntu (all seems well)
Incomplete - (checked) keep incomplete torrents in: Downloads

does this happen automatically OR it is a "thing" with a script that needs to run (have NOT checked that box)
is this a permissions things ?

inside the Transmissions settings.json file i find:
(i am JUST listing what i think the relavant lines are)

"download-dir": "/media/geekr/TORRENT/1 TORRENTS",
"incomplete-dir": "/home/geekr/Downloads",
"incomplete-dir-enabled": true,

What am i missing ?

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