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Unable to verify local data

Posted: Wed Aug 26, 2020 8:50 pm
by BSZ008
So, I've created a torrent using transmission-gtk, version 2.84 (14307) in Linux Mint 18.3. The data of the torrent points is located on my internal HDD, which is not my system drive.

I've uploaded this torrent file to a torrent site ( The site then proceeded to ask me to download the torrent from the site and open it with my BitTorrent program, so I opened the torrent with transmission. The files in the torrent are indeed the same files as on my HDD. Next, I used the "Set location..." option to communicate the location of the files to transmission. I browse to the folder containing the same files as the torrent, click the folder and press "Open". I select "Local data is already here" and press "Apply". Then transmission tells me it's "moving the files (this may take a moment)" or something similar. And then, after half a second or so, nothing! The torrent is still at 0% and when I press "Verify Local Data", still 0%.

I have search and found no post already on this. Is there anyone that has a clue what might cause this? Thanks in advance, kind stranger!