Connection refused - QNAP

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Connection refused - QNAP

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Hi guys,

So on my QNAP I had a comfortable setup working with Transmission and accessed it via the remote GUI. Now the other day I wiped a few of my drives to repurpose with my data. Unfortunately it seems that the setup and system files of Transmission were on that drive.

After reinstalling the qpkg I found that I could not access QNAP anymore. Whenever I open the transmission app, I would just get a connection refused error.
I have no experience with SSH to get into the config file of transmission. I do however remember there being a way which showed a transmission interface where settings could be altered. I'm quite sure I just need to setup the current Transmission app so it can be recognised by the remote GUI again.

Unfortunately I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get back into the settings of transmission. Again, since I have no experience with SSH and that seems to be the only solution after Googling a bit, I was hoping if anyone here knows of a different solution. Or worst case, can point me in the right direction to access such setup files via SSH.
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