Torrents visible in WebUI on LAN but not WAN

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Torrents visible in WebUI on LAN but not WAN

Postby brossow » Wed May 09, 2018 7:30 pm

I'm using Transmission 2.93 via Docker on a Synology DS918+. I believe I have it set up and working properly except for one thing that I just can't figure out:

When accessing the web interface from outside my home network, I cannot see the list of torrents. It takes a long time (roughly a minute, give or take) to load and eventually shows just the toolbar and status bar at the top and the footer bar at the bottom. In between, there's nothing -- empty as if there were no torrents. On my local network, it loads quickly and displays all the torrents as expected.

I have ports 9091 and 51413 forwarded on my router (both TCP and UDP). I don't see any error in the Transmission logs, and there's no error in the browser. I've tested from multiple networks (with and without a VPN) with multiple browsers and all act the same. If the entire page didn't load, I could perhaps understand it, but that's not the case. Any thoughts? It's got me stumped, and it's very frustrating to not be able to see my torrent queue unless I'm sitting at home.

Thanks in advance!

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