Create Torrent (settings) export to script?

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Create Torrent (settings) export to script?

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Mac Sierra 10.12.5 /Transmission Mac 2.92 (14714)

Currently to create a torrent file, I drag the physical file onto the Transmission Mac open window. All torrents are created with paused state. I use the same settings (set in preference) for all torrents.

Is there any method where I can export all my settings into a "create torrent script". I wish to Hazel (mac automator workflow app) to automatically run the "create torrent script", and place the newly created torrent file in the torrent directory so I can then see it Transmission Mac open window in paused state.

I dont know how to write such a script or how to modify an existing one (as I dont understand all syntax for the settings).

Thankyou for your help.
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