No option to select files

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No option to select files

Post by Hanyuu »


I have just installed Transmission for first time on VPS and i can't see select files option. Here is the screenshot for options i see.

Is there any settings to enable this?

Also Magnet link is not downloading meta data. It stuck there for long time and torrent never get start, while it takes less than a minute on my PC to load meta data with slow internet connection. Any suggestion.

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Re: No option to select files

Post by killemov »

Weird, those screenshots with only some option buttons in them. Have you tried reloading the page a couple of times?
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Re: No option to select files

Post by LilyPaige »

That's actually weird because, from your screenshot, I can see that you are in the cPanel home screen, but it's strange that you only get these four tools. Should you maybe try logging out of your VPS hosting account and then try logging in again? Also, for how long have you been using this VPS? If you've been using it for a while now, then there might not be as much disk space, meaning that there's too much data in the system. So, basically, check your vps storage capacity. Although, I doubt that that's the problem since usually storage capacities are of 4 terabytes or so.
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