DHT File missing error message

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DHT File missing error message

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Hi recently moved to a new M1 Mac, installed transmission 4 beta and have had nothing but issues. Mainly just not connecting to peers. Upon checking my error log I found this message. Any idea how I can address this?

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2022-10-31 00:27:28 +0000 utils.cc:81 [Error] utils.cc:81: Couldn't read '/Users/*******/Library/Application Support/Transmission/dht.dat': No such file or directory (2)
When I look at that directory on my old intel mac, the dht.dat file exists, however, it's not there on my new m1 mac. Transmission on my new mac is basically unusable in its current state.
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Re: DHT File missing error message

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Update to Transmission 4.0.1

Open preferences > Peers, uncheck then check "Use Distributed Hash Table". That should create a new dht.dat file.

- Dan.
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