Performance at end of download

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Performance at end of download

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**UPDATE 6/22** The Administrator gave me a spanking (rightly so) for re-posting this a while back so I hope I did this right this time.**
** I also noticed that this post is probably in the wrong topic but I don't know how to move it out of this Mac specific topic. **

If my "Save Incomplete Files In Folder" is on an internal hard disk and the "Destination" folder is on a hard disk attached to the router across the house from there I have noticed the following behavior. When I have multiple files being downloading in Transmission and a multi GB file finishes downloading the download speed of Transmission drops to zero while the completed file is copied from the internal hard disk to the disk attached to the router. The downloads then resume after the file has been transferred.

I assume that if the Incomplete Folder and the Destination" folder were on the same networked drive that the copy from one folder to the other on the same drive would be close to instant after completion of a download.

My question is: what are the performance considerations when the both file folders are on a networked drive?

** UPDATE 6/22 **
I think I have answered my own question up there but I want would like to hear from the brain trust and validate my assumption.
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Re: Performance at end of download

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I think there are three issues here.

1) Transmission needs to use asynchronous operations more. This is eventually addressable.

2) macOS' USB performance bottlenecks easily.

3) macOS' SMB performance stinks.

- Dan.
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