Is it possible to only download/upload over my Private Internet Access VPN?

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Is it possible to only download/upload over my Private Internet Access VPN?

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I use PIA as my VPN and have the client installed on my Mac. Normally I'd just open the PIA client before opening Transmission... but:
1: Every time I open the client it asks me to install a little helper and I need to go into my System Settings app to install it before I can use the VPN so that's kind of a hassle.
2: I might forget lol. I've definitely forgotten in the past...

Is it possible to somehow tell Transmission "HEY! You better be downloading/uploading everything via my VPN! Don't open the client, just... here's the link to my VPN" Just like give Transmission a link and my PIA login credentials?

I would assume there is but can't find anything in the settings anywhere.

Furthermore, it would be nice if there are any issues with my VPN (like I forgot to pay or PIA is having issues on their end) that it just won't download/upload anything and instead warn me. Maybe ask "You have issues with your VPN, would you like to ignore the warning and download/upload without protection anyways?". If not I'll make another post in the correct forum section.

Also... This stuff is a bit above my pay grade. If there's any terminology that I should know that would help me out with this please drop a term/acronym/etc for me to google.

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