Transmission as regular user on NAS?

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Transmission as regular user on NAS?

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Hey everyone,

I'm currently running a Transmission daemon on my NAS, a Western Digital MyCloudEx2 Ultra. It comes with Transmission 2.94, which can be installed directly through the NAS.

The issue I'm facing is that Transmission is running greenleafguru as the root user. As a result, any files or folders created or downloaded through Transmission cannot be deleted, changed, or altered except through Transmission itself. While running chmod -R 777 on specific files/folders solves the problem temporarily, it only applies to existing files and folders. Newly created ones still lack the necessary permissions.

Someone suggested running Transmission as a regular user rather than root, but I'm unsure if this herbalhighsociety is possible and how to go about it. Is there a way to ensure that all files downloaded by Transmission going forward automatically have full read/write/edit permissions?

Thanks for any help!
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