Transmission QT Win 64 Bits

Feature requests for the Windows version of Transmission
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Transmission QT Win 64 Bits

Post by leaseo »

Where can I find transmission-QT for windows 64 bits? For, transmission -QT for windows 32 bits didn't work in my computer.
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Re: Transmission QT Win 64 Bits

Post by rb07 »

If the 32-bit version didn't work, then the 64-bit will not work. Any problems should be reported in the SourceForge project's support forum(*), with details please (exactly what error are you seeing, what does the logs show, no private information, or torrent information, just the error messages).

Both versions are at the same location, SourceForge, I made them.

(*) My installer even leaves a link to that forum, and this one, on the Start menu's Transmission-Qt folder.
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