Strange: "Torrent not found" but upload works anyway?

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Strange: "Torrent not found" but upload works anyway?

Post by luvr »

First, let me say that I don't know much about how BitTorrent actually works, so what I'm seeing here may be perfectly normal, even though I find it strange behaviour.

Here's what I did: I recently updated my Debian 7.3 disc images to 7.4, using Jigdo downloads to make sure that only the minimal amount of data would need to be downloaded.

I then decided to make my new images available through the Transmission BitTorrent client.

Everything works great, except that there is one little detail that is puzzling me: on the "debian-7.4.0-i386-DVD-3.iso" torrent, I get a error saying Tracker gave an error: "torrent not found" but even so, it does appear to seed to, at this very moment, four peers. The "information" tab page on the properties says that it has so far uploaded 294.2 MB. Seems strange to me that peers can connect to my client, even though the torrent cannot be found?

Just for info, here is what the "Trackers" tab page has to say about the torrent:
Gor an error "torrent not found" 1 minute ago
Asking for more peers in 8 minutes
Got a scrape error "Error parsing response" 1 minute ago
Asking for peer counts in 28 minutes
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Re: Strange: "Torrent not found" but upload works anyway?

Post by rb07 »

Nothing strange.

Your torrent is not registered with that specific tracker, that's the reason the tracker responds with the "not found".

Other peers still are able to find the torrent through DHT (a.k.a. tracker-less), they just use the hash code of the torrent and ask other peers (i.e. the DHT cloud) which have DHT (or PEX which work similar) enabled.
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