Download stopped due to errors

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Download stopped due to errors

Post by shoobeedoobee » Sun Sep 23, 2018 1:47 am

When there are error in any of the dowloaded files, Transmission stops downloading the torrent. There is information about the file segment that has errors, but I wouldn't know where to find and delete that.
I can only delete everything and re-download the torrent.
That is time-consuming and I might get the same error again.

In such cases I would like Transmission to simply delete the segment with the error and download it again.
Only after several failed attempts would I want to be asked how to proceed.
Also, it might be possible that there's multiple files in the torrent and only one has errors. I would prefer that Transmission would continue download the files with no errors and automatically delete/retry only the segments with the errors for the files with errors.
There's probably some files with no errors that could be downloaded without problems. I don't see why Transmission has to stop the download.

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