Port Closed. No Idea How Long

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Port Closed. No Idea How Long

Post by steamship » Fri Oct 12, 2018 9:19 pm

Having decided to update my version of Transmission on my Asustor NAS to v2.94, I've discovered two issues.

The first was that the 17 torrents that were in my queues had disappeared. I've already posted a request about this and subsequently sorted it out.

However, the second issue is that the 'peer listening port' is showing as 'Closed'. I had previously had this set to port 6882 for some reason, and it has now changed to port 51413 with the update. The trouble is I have no idea when I made the change to port 6882 to get the private tracker to see me, or more importantly, when it stopped working.

I've looked at various pages about port forwarding, but am no further forward. The NAS I use has a static IP of, and has always been that way since I set it up. The router I use is a DSL-N16 Wireless-N300, and I have tried various combinations to see if one works, but no luck.

If I go to Port Forwarding within the router, it asks me for Service Name, Source IP, Port Range, Local IP, Local Port and Protocol. From what I can determine, all that I need to define are Port Range, Local IP, Local Port and Protocol (and I tend to cheat on Protocol by setting it to Both). I have tried 6882,,6882 and 6882,,- and neither work.

I have also tried the Port Triggering and failed with that as well. For that I need to enter Trigger Port, Protocol, Incoming Port and Protocol. I've found reference to a port 51413 which just adds to my confusion. Is 6882 the Trigger Port and 51413 the Incoming Port or vice versa? Either way, it isn't working for me. I have set up two rules with these port numbers, the second one just swapping the ports around.

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Re: Port Closed. No Idea How Long

Post by Mawwan » Mon Oct 29, 2018 7:20 am

Close the port no idea how long. I would like to know your ideas so much. For those who want to know this can be read on the web anyway.

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