Seed with a network DD

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Seed with a network DD

Post by vaeno » Mon Nov 19, 2018 4:18 pm

Hi, i have my transmission data in a DD that I share with my network on my iMac.
I installed transmission on my MacBook Pro, and added this network folder as the default folder. I added the torrent I want to seed using the "move data' feature.
And it works, torrent is green, but there is nearly 0 seeding. sometime there is between 3kbs to 20kbs seeding.. Port are opened, everything should be fine.
So my question is: is It possible to seed from a transmission client with the data not in the computer but in a DD shared in the network.
I'm really stuck with that..
I can't seed in my iMac, because I run it as a server, and I got an error "too many files opened in the system" if I run it as a server and run transmission with all the torrent seeding.

Thank's in advance for your help.


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