Transmission and Wireguard VPN

Feature requests for the Mac OS X version of Transmission
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Transmission and Wireguard VPN

Post by tt1a »

I have installed Transmission 3.0 on macOS 10.15.5.

I am using NordVPN, which has recently introduced Nordlynx protocol, which is based on Wireguard ( ... rdLynx.htm).

Unfortunately, download speed is unbearably slow when using Nordlynx protocol, even as low as <10 KB/s. On the other hand, when switching to OpenVPN protocol I have no problems (usual download speed is ~2MB/s).

I tried qBittorrent and speeds were normal with Nordlynx.

Could you please support Wireguard VPN protocol in a future version of Transmission?

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Re: Transmission and Wireguard VPN

Post by jabohn »

Hello, I am also using NordVPN. Similar issues as well. Also there is trouble when downloading the metadata for magnet links. Often they just stall and nothing gets downloaded. Sometimes after awhile it retries and then finally works, but usually it just doesn't. Most of the time what I have to do is restart the app and then the metadata finally downloads. None of this happens if I switch NordVPN from NordLynx to OpenVPN. The problem also doesn't happen if I try another torrent client.
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