READ ME FIRST: How to Report a Bug

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READ ME FIRST: How to Report a Bug

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  1. Read the Forum Rules First.
    The forum rules are easy to follow and make life easier for other forum users. If you don't follow them your post will probably be deleted.
  2. Test out a nightly build and see if the problem's already been fixed.
    Nightly builds can be found at
  3. Say what version of Transmission you're using, and on what operating system.
    If you're using one of the GUI versions of Transmission, you can find its version in the `About' dialog in the Help menu. Don't say "The latest version" because that could mean the latest nightly, the latest beta, the latest stable release, or (for non-Mac users) the latest version to show up on your OS distribution's repository.
  4. Post a Recipe, if possible
    Since there are five hundred thousand Transmission users and only two developers, it's likely that we developers haven't encountered firsthand the bug that you've found. So poke around a little bit: If you can figure out how to trigger the bug, give us a recipe so that we can trigger it too.

    If you're seeing the bug with 50 torrents running and speed limits turned on, see if it persists with speed limits turned off. See if it persists with 1 torrent running. See if it persists after pausing and restarting the torrent. etc. By including this kind of research in your bug report, the developers or other users may be able to figure out the problem.
  5. If you're experiencing slow speeds
    The wiki has a good guide for troubleshooting slow speeds. It will likely help solve your problem, so read through it first.

    If none of the wiki's suggestions work, please post the following information in a forum message. The other forum users will not be able to help you unless you describe your situation:
    1. Do you have any per-torrent or global speed limits set?
    2. What are your global and per-torrent peer limits?
    3. How many seeds and peers does the `Peers' tab say there are in the swarm?
    4. How long ago does the `Tracker' tab say the last announce and scrape results were?
    5. In the `Tracker' tab's list of trackers, how many Tiers are there, and how many trackers are listed for each tier?
    6. How many peers are you connected to?
    7. Has your torrent finished downloading?
    8. If you're still downloading, do any of the connected peers have a higher "completed" percentage than you?
    9. Is your incoming peer port open or closed?
    The 'Peers' and 'Tracker' tabs are in the dialog named "Inspector" on the Mac GUI and "Torrent Properties" on the GTK+ GUI.
  6. If Transmission crashed on the Mac
    First make sure your system is up to date. As of 1.60 Transmission requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later.

    If you're running a nightly build, set the language to English. The localizations will sometimes crash the nightly builds until they are updated right before an official release.

    OS X collects two pieces of crash information that can help us fix the crash:
    1. In, look under LOG FILES > ~/Library/Logs/ > CrashReporter > for Transmission. If you find one, include it in your forum post.
    2. In, select LOG DATABASE QUERIES > Console Messages, and search for Transmission. If you find a message that mentions an assertion failure, include it in your forum post.
    If these two pieces of information are too large for your forum post, Paste them here, click the "one month" and "send" buttons, and include the pastebin's URL in your forum post.
  7. If it's a Port Mapping Error
    Read the Port Forwarding Guide first.

    Make sure to say:
    • what router you're using
    • that you've confirmed that either UPnP or NAT-PMP is enabled on it
    • If you're using a custom firmware, tell us which one
    and, most importantly, post the lines from the Message Log that contain the phrase "Port Mapping". They will look something like this:
    02:12:27 Port Mapping (NAT-PMP): initnatpmp returned success (0)
    02:12:27 Port Mapping (NAT-PMP): sendpublicaddressrequest returned success (2)
    02:12:27 Port Mapping: mapping state changed from 'not mapped' to 'mapping'
    02:12:27 Port Mapping: opened port 55555 to listen for incoming peer connections
    02:12:35 Port Mapping (NAT-PMP): readnatpmpresponseorretry returned error -7, errno is 111 (Connection refused)
    02:12:35 Port Mapping (NAT-PMP): If your router supports NAT-PMP, please make sure NAT-PMP is enabled!
    02:12:35 Port Mapping (NAT-PMP): NAT-PMP port forwarding unsuccessful, trying UPnP next
    02:12:37 Port Mapping (UPNP): Found Internet Gateway Device ' ... nnection:1'
    02:12:37 Port Mapping (UPNP): Local LAN IP Address is ''
    02:12:37 Port Mapping (UPNP): Port forwarding via ' ... nnection:1', service 'urn:schemas-upnp-org:service:WANIPConnection:1'. (local address:
    02:12:37 Port Mapping (UPNP): Port forwarding successful!
    02:12:37 Port Mapping: mapping state changed from 'mapping' to 'mapped'