Transmission doesn't load while using VPN Unlimited

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Transmission doesn't load while using VPN Unlimited

Post by Flombay »

There appears to be an incompatibility between Transmission and VPN Unlimited.

I'm using v3.0.0 of Transmission, Windows 10 Pro x64 v2004 build 19041.746, VPN Unlimited v8.3.1 (also tested previously with v8.2)

Most of the time, Transmission freezes during the initial load (white screen on Transmission, the torrent list never appears) and needs to be force-closed.

I have determined that this mainly occurs when the VPN's Kill Switch is activated. If I disable the Kill Switch, then start Transmission, then re-enable the Kill Switch, then Transmission continues to work as expected.

VPN Unlimited tech support informed me that only their designated torrent VPN servers will work, however this is irrelevant as it's not a torrent issue, and the issue persists regardless of server anyway.

To test further, I also installed VPN Unlimited and Transmission on a second laptop (also running Windows 10) and confirmed that the issue still persists.

I have no such issue when using Express VPN, only with VPN Unlimited.
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Re: Transmission doesn't load while using VPN Unlimited

Post by AllenCohn »

I'm able to successfully torrent on VPN Unlimited. But I have to use one of their 3 torrent servers.

I have never interacted with the "Kill Switch."
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